The Entire Class of 8 Awesome, excluding Athaariq Ramadino, Daffa Fauzan, and Alya.

Welcome to the Official 2010-2011 8A Mentari Wiki!Edit

Welcome to the 8A wiki! We are a unique, and awesome class, with 19 students in this class. Our members include (in order)....

1. Agustinus Thomas Soerianto

2. Amanda Khairunnisa

3. Aqsa Sutan Aswar

4. Arman Raafi Seiff

5. Athaariq Ramadino

(The forgotten Daffa Fauzan)

6. Disa Alda Naomi Sianipar

7. Ezra Maher Krisnamurti

8. Gilang Adzkia Purba

9. Kassie White

10. Keshia Saradima Indriadi

11. Maharani Ayushandra Sasqia Putri Annisa

12. Maria Isabela Corpus

13. Muhammad Hanif Dean Nadhif

14. Safira Arum Syamsudin

15. Shan Annabel Zahwafika

16. Siti Nabila Azuraa Basri

17. Tegishtha Andhika Iman Soewarno

18. Ysabelle Marie Valencia

19. Alya Adlina

If I mispelled names please correct it for me! Thx!


We 8Aeans are awesome and great. In our class we have 19 students. Our homeroom teacher is Mr David Michael Egan. He's from Michigan. He uses glasses.

Class Officers:

President: Tata

Vice President: Nabila

Secretary: Keshia

Treasurer: Hanif

Sergeant in Arms: Raafi

Latest activityEdit

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